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Important News Updates

We are open for the 2024 season and looking forward to welcoming everyone into our newly renovated greenhouse!


All plants start with the roots ...

1. Start your garden with at least a two foot depth of garden soil. You can always add to your existing garden but don't go too thick ... it could smother the roots. The width of the planting space depends on the mature size of the plants ... The roots of a tree will extend much wider than the width of the canopy (you can add soil and compost over time for a growing tree...)

2.  Loosen up the roots/or cut at planting time to encourage outward growth of roots to support the growing plant.

3.  Mulch with a good, rich compost but be sure to keep the mulch away from the trunk of the plant ...

Don't over irrigate ... An established garden (over two years old with a good soil/compost base) should only need to be watered every couple of weeks ... the plants will tell you. An over-irrigated garden keeps the roots at the surface where they are more affected by changes in weather and moisture.

5.  Remember ... RIGHT PLANT RIGHT PLACE ... whether it is native to our area or introduced ...

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